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Mexican Alebrije of Oaxaca Long-eared Rabbit, red


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The Mexican Alebrije of Oaxaca Long-eared Rabbit, red with his startled expression is a fun creature with whom to share your home.  He will make you smile when you rise each morning and again when get home from work each night.  Enjoy him on your kitchen counter or living room mantle and have fun.

The Mexican Alebrije of Oaxaca is a remarkable and irresistible representation animals both real and imaginary decorated with flowers, other animals, geometrical designs and color; lots of color.

Mexican Alebrije Legend tells us that the first alebrijes were seen a dream by Pedro Linares. Linares fell sick and during his convalescence he dreamt of a jungle filled with fantastical animals in every hue and color and with mixed up parts. Butterfly wings might be on a giraffe. Unicorns cavort with eagle headed lions and frogs have horns. The animals were making a clamor and the only word that Linares could remember was ‘alebrijes.’ Upon his recovery, Linares began to re-create the creature of his dreams in paper mache and he called them ‘alebrijes.’

In the 1980’s and with a history of carving animals, Oaxacan artists began creating the alebrijes that we know today; the colorful wooden animals often in dreamlike designs and color patterns. For a much longer version of the history view Wikipedia and Alebrije.

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Hand crafted in Oaxaca, Mexico of the indigenous Copal wood. Approximately 12 by 4.5 by 3 inches of dense and heavy copal wood. Made under fair trade practices and purchased direct from the Mercado de Artesanias in Oaxaca, Mexico. Signed by the artist.

One Fair Trade Mexican Alebrije of Oaxaca Long-eared Rabbit, red, artist signature, Arsenio Moreles.