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Love & Wine Decorative Tabletop Lazy Susan


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Share dishes, wine and conversation with family and friends over the Love & Wine Decorative Tabletop Lazy Susan.  The piece is strong, holds many dishes at 18 inches in diameter and is adorned with wine related art work and words. It is solid on a tabletop and could easily hold and spin bottles of wine as well as food. Enjoy this Lazy Susan on your table during a meal but clear it at the end of the meal to inspire conversation. Or, use it at the center of a table for a wine tasting. Words on the Lazy Susan  will inspire stories of parties, love, secrets, friendships and family.

Tales of origin from tell us:   “Thomas Jefferson invented the lazy Susan in the 18th century, though they were referred to as dumbwaiters at that time. It is said that Jefferson invented the lazy Susan because his daughter complained she was always served last at the table and, as a result, never found herself full when leaving the table. Others believe that Thomas Edison was the inventor, as he is believed to have invented the turntable for his phonograph, which later evolved into the Lazy Susan.”  Regardless, this clever invention continues to be useful and appreciated on tabletops today.

The artist is Sharon Feldstein. Sharon blends her love for calligraphy and color to create artful products for the home that are cheerful and unpretentious.

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Product Detail:

  • Format: Lazy Susan
  • Name: Love & Wine Decorative Tabletop Lazy Susan
  • Materials: wood composite, canvas, metal, plastic – all food safe
  • Measurements: 18″ diameter
  • Seasonality: Everyday
  • Sentiment: Chardonnay Burgundy Chablis Merlot Pinot Grigio Cabernet Good friends good wine good times Love and wine better with time The best wines are the ones we drink with friends
  • Wipe with Damp Cloth

High quality, smooth and easy to turn, fine craftsmanship and art work, on 18″ Love & Wine Decorative Tabletop Lazy Susan.