Pewter Pocket Charms – With Love, Hearts


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Pewter Pocket Charms – With Love, Hearts are tokens of love that a dear friend or family member will appreciate for years to come.

This red, organza bag comes with 5 Pewter Pocket Charms, the assorted hearts come in different sizes, textures, and proportions which creates a treat for the touch as well as the eyes. The little red bag will carry your message of love wherever you want it to go. As you carry them, they will jingle away in their pouch or your pocket, and will create smiles everywhere you go. Not to mention, these charms are a sweet reminder of love for that special someone, friend or family member. Each time the bag jingles, your small token of love will be sure to brighten their day.

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“Pewter is an alloy composed primarily of tin. The world’s fourth most precious metal after platinum, gold and silver, it becomes pewter with the addition of small amounts of antimony and copper…Pewter’s unique characteristics, its low melting point and relative softness, makes it ideal for craftsmen and designers to work with. Loved for its versatility and feel, it can be fashioned in a variety of finishes – a traditional soft satin lustre, a dazzling brilliance that rivals silver or a subdued ‘antique’ finish. ”   -Royal Selangor

Pewter Pocket Charms are USA made from a small company of 5 people located in Rhode Island. It was started in 1994 by a university professor teaching experimental psychology in the Midwest. She left her post and headed east to live near the ocean and create a business all her own. Her motto is Hands, Head, Heart.

Pewter Pocket Charms – With Love, Hearts is one bag of five assorted, lead free, approx. 1 inch pewter hearts in red organza bag, ‘With Love’.