Long Tibetan Prayer Flag Strand


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The Long Tibetan Prayer Flag Strand includes 25 individual flags, each offering its own message of Peace, Prosperity, Compassion, Purification and Knowledge. The Buddhist belief is strong in the power of these sacred flag strands. The Prayer Flags of Nepal fly from Gompas, Stupas, homes, and mountain passes–even in the most remote areas. Each flutter in a breeze denotes the offering of prayer.  The prayer flags endure the elements and as a thread unravels and tears loose, it flies off carrying its prayerful message to and for all.

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The Prayer Flags are hand-block printed in Nepal with Buddhist Mantras. The Prayer Flags are allowed to fly under the elements until they eventually disintegrate and become a different part of the environment in which they have flown, usually for years.

One Fair Trade, cotton, Long Tibetan Prayer Flag Strand made in Nepal.  25 Flags on one strand, each flag approximately 9 inches, 5 assorted colors on flags.