Long Bar Real Flower Earrings, purple


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Keep spring alive all year long with our delicate collection of handmade silver jewelry with real pressed flowers. From delicate daisies and colorful roses to gorgeous forget-me-nots, our range of flower jewelry contains one-of-a-kind silver pendants, earrings and bracelets. Carefully crafted by the talented artisans in Taxco, Alicia Ronces Gomez and her family, these special, handmade Long Bar Real Flower Earrings, purple will make a lovely addition to your jewelry box.

Handcrafted Real Flower Earrings are made with .925 sterling silver and durable clear resin for encasing and preserving the flowers. The flowers are real flowers grown without fertilizers or pesticides. Earrings are made through cottage industry in Taxco Mexico.  Alicia and her family started the business and with a small team of workers they grow the flowers and make the jewelry in their homes encasing and preserving the flowers.

In Tianguis Silver Market in Taxco, Mexico, Alicia has a stall selling hand-crafted Real Flower Jewelry. The entire process, right from growing the flowers to setting them into resin and producing the final pieces of jewelry, is carried out in the  Ronces Gomez family homes and gardens.

Alicia’s outside terraces and gardens are covered with pots of plants bursting with an amazing medley of colorful flowers.

Once the flowers are ready, they are picked and taken indoors to be dried.  Alicia and various family members then meticulously place the flowers into pretty and creative designs and set with resin into the silver.

If sending a pair of these most remarkable earrings to a friend, request Free Gift Wrapping during your check out. We will wrap them in lovely purple or green tissue paper and ribbon attaching any message you may wish to send.

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Handmade in Mexico. All of our handmade silver jewelry comes from Taxco, Mexico. We buy directly from small family businesses and independent designers, handpicking each piece ourselves to ensure a high level of quality and original designs. We aim to source beautiful and unusual silver and real flower jewelry.

One pair of dramatic 1.25 inch, Long Bar Real Flower Earrings, purple, hanging from sterling silver earring wires. Flowers are real and so each pair of earrings is unique. Even within pairs, no two individual earrings are exactly alike.