Cat Throw Pillows – Kitty Corner Pillow


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Our cats are often a mystery – we wonder what they are thinking, marvel at their leaping abilities, and can’t help but enjoy seeing all their silly antics.  The spectacular colors that they have evolved into over the centuries light up in the sunshine and take our breath away. Our cats are our best friends and Cat Throw Pillows remind us of this bond.

Cats feel it necessary to help us with our typing, gift wrapping and sheet changing. We would definitely be lost without our beloved feline friends and value Cat Throw Pillows as an ex tension of this synergy.

In modern society, cats are the most popular pet in the United States. We benefit greatly from them on many levels. Studies show that people who own cats, as well as dogs, have overall better health, both emotional as well as physical. Our pets help relieve loneliness and reduce anxiety, along with giving us a feeling of self-worth. Cat purrs aren’t just a preventative health tool for our feline friends but your kitty’s rumblings can also help you heal. At the 20 – 140 Hz frequency, which is the range proven to be medically therapeutic, cat purrs have been shown to cut down the healing time of infections, broken bones, muscles injuries, and lower the possibility of heart attack by 40%. Your Cat Throw Pillow may not purr like a real kitty, but it does make a nice snuggle tool while looking the part.
Do not leave this cat outdoors. His puzzled little expression leaves us in no doubt that this kitty is in need of a bed, milk or possibly even a little pillow.  Enjoy Cat Throw Pillows in your own home with all your cat friends.

Send Cat Throw Pillows to cat loving friends and request Free Gift Wrapping during check out!

This tapestry woven pillow cover is 16 by 11 inches, 51% cotton blended with recycled polyester and polypropylene and filled with 100% recycled poly fiberfill. Made in the USA. Hand wash or spot clean.

One Kitty Corner Pillow.