Jungle Flower African Ring Box


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This uplifting piece of handcrafted functional art features a vibrant tropical flower against a green background. Carved by hand from soft soapstone by artisans in rural Kenya, the box serves beautifully storing rings or small trinkets.

This special little box originates in Kenya’s Kisii District where skilled artisans excel at carving the soft soapstone into modern and functional items for the home. A second set of artists in Nairobi dye each item until a vibrant green hue is achieved, then add the happy little flower to the lid.

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The African Sculptures are all Fair Trade items. This means that the Kenyan artisans make a living wage, work under humane conditions and do not harm the environment during the creation of their pieces.  The African Acacia Box is hand made of soapstone and hand dyed with non-toxic dyes. Sizes, color and design will vary slightly giving each piece its’ own distinct look. One, 2 inch Jungle Flower African Ring Box.