Japanese Teapot Set – Ceramic Owl Teapot Set, brown


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Owls have been associated with magic, wisdom and heightened senses throughout history from ancient Greece to Asia. In Central Asia feathers of the Northern Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo), particularly from its breast and belly, were valued as precious amulets protecting children and livestock from evil spirits. The Japanese Teapot Set Ceramic Owl is a whimsical play on the garden and the tea service.

In the “Handbook Of Japanese Mythology” by Michael Ashkenazi Chikap Kamui is an owl deity or “Kamuy” of the Ainu people. He is believed to oversee the behavior of humans. The Ainu believed that the owl watched over the local kotan (domain), Chikap Kamuy came to be represented as the master of this domain.  He is worshipped as a deity of material success. In some areas, his tears were said to be gold and silver. As the Chikap Kamui story goes,

“Famine had struck the land, and humankind was starving. Chikap Kamuy wished to send a message to heaven inquiring about the cause of the famine, and he asked Crow to be his messenger. His message and instructions were very lengthy, however, and it took him days to recite them.

On the third day, Crow fell asleep, and Chikap Kamuy grew angry and killed him. Chikap Kamuy next asked Mountain Jay to be his messenger, but on the fourth day, Mountain Jay fell asleep and was killed in turn. The third messenger was the Dipper Bird, who listened respectfully for six full days until Chikap Kamuy finally completed the recitation of the message.

Dipper Bird then flew to the heavens, and returned with news that the kamuy of fish and game were angry because humans had stopped showing proper respect for the gifts they gave. Accordingly, Chikap Kamuy went to the humans and taught them the proper rituals to be enacted after hunting a fish or a deer. Once the humans began performing these rituals, the kamuy were appeased, and the famine ceased.”

This ceramic Japanese teapot is a delightful owl design and includes teapot with stainer and two matching two cups. Place your favorite tea into pot, add hot water, steep and serve. Ship this fun Teapot Set to a friend and enjoy FREE Gift Wrapping.

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Ceramic Teapot is approximately 4.5 inches tall and 5.75 inches from tip of spout to end of handle.  Tea Cups are 3 inches. Colors may vary slightly. Microwave and dishwasher safe. One Japanese Teapot Set,  including one pot, 2 cups and one strainer.  Owl design, brown.