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Japanese Kabamaru Cat Cup Set


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Kabamaru Series by Hajime Okamoto. These playful cats each have their own name and personality. Kabamaru is the leader of the group, taking good care of his friends. “Kaba” in Japanese means “hippo” and “maru” means “round.” He’s named that because he’s a bit of a slow walker. Urume is a laid back tomboy. Sakon considers Kabamaru to be a brother. He loves to play with things that move. Momoji is a silly boy with a charming face. You get one of each (two of Kabamaru) in this 6 oz. cup set. Enjoy the playful nature of the Japanese Kabamaru Cat Cup Set with guests who appreciate the individuality of our feline friends.

The nature of Asian culture is ornate, delicate and beautiful. Asian dishes reflect those characteristics in fine detail, careful craftsmanship and unique design. Japanese usually buy odd numbers for a set, three, five, etc. This is why the Japanese Kabamaru Cat Cup Set includes 5 cups rather than the norm we see in the United States of 4 or 6.

Words from Wawaza Miyazaki Whispers,
“Japanese have an affinity for odd numbers which goes well beyond the numbers in a table setting (where most sets are sold in fives). Numbers “three”, “five”, and “seven”, are particular favorites, as in

  • Shichi-go-san (Seven-Five-Three) Festival, celebrating their children as they turn three, five and seven years of age.
  • The third day of the third month (March 3) is the day for Girl’s Festival.
  • The fifth day of the fifth month (May 5) is for the Boy’s Festival.
  • The seventh day of the seventh month is the “Tanabata” Festival of Forlorn Lovers.”

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One Japanese Kabamaru Cat Cup Set. Each cup is 2.75″ in diameter and 3.5″ tall, holding 6 ounces of liquid. Made in Japan. Microwave/Dishwasher safe.