Japanese Cat Cycling Coffee Cup


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Japanese artists are presenting us with a new mix of traditional and contemporary Tea Cup designs. While your tea or coffee steeps in a Japanese Cat Cycling Coffee Cup enjoy the whimsical design and the aromatic scent. One very serious black Parisian cat cycles intently around your Japanese Cup below just a few fluffy white clouds floating on a sky of blue.  Sip your morning tea or coffee and prepare for a happy day through which you will proceed with ease and diligence.

Never met a cat on a bike that we didn’t love. Cats have to get around too! This is the sunny day cat, taking advantage of a beautiful day to take a ride. Perhaps on her way to the park to chase mice. Matching lid included to keep your drink warm and clear of cat hair. Can also be used as a tea bag holder or a cookie.

As for biking in Japan, though there are Bike Laws, they are more often than not, ignored.  Erica of Expatria Baby, tell us, “Most cyclists ride on the sidewalks and almost never on the road. In fact, traffic police will occasionally direct road-riding cyclists onto the sidewalk regardless of the fact that this is actually illegal.”  It looks like our little kitties would fit right in with the crowd in Japan as they too, seem to each follow rules of their own making.

“In Japan, cats are revered for giving good luck and other positive results. The popular Japanese cat figurine maneki-neko (招き猫, “beckoning cat”) is typically believed to bring such blessings. The figurine is often of a cat with its paw in an upright position as if beckoning. According to Japanese legend, a landlord witnessed a cat waving a paw at him. Intrigued by this gesture, he came close to the cat when suddenly a lightning bolt struck the exact place he was previously standing in. The landlord believed that his good fortune was because of the cat’s actions. Hence, the beckoning hand became a symbol of good luck.” -courtesy of KCP International, Japanese Language School.

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Japanese Black Cat Coffee Cup, Balloons holds approximately 8 ounces of liquid, is lead free and microwave safe. If sending Japanese Tea  and or Coffee Cups to a friend, request FREE Gift Wrapping during your checkout.

One 3.5 by 3 inches, Japanese Tea Cup with mug and lid.  One Japanese Cat Cycling Coffee Cup.