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Hanging Butterflies – Emerald Red Butterfly Strand


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This 5.5 foot strand of nine artificial Hanging Butterflies adds vibrancy to a room. Hang a few strands and watch them come alive as they float and twist in the tiniest of breezes.

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The butterfly totem is primarily associated with change and transformation. Long strands of butterflies can be used for inspiration, reminders of what can be and possibility. The secondary symbolism for the butterfly, though not as strong as the primary totem, is certainly moving and important. Butterflies are about finding joy in life and experiencing lightness of being.

These hanging butterfly strands will create a special touch and ambiance in your home. They sway and spin their colors in bedrooms, living-rooms, playrooms and creative spaces. Decorating a new room? Consider adding these to the decor. The colors of the butterflies creates an ambience that can change the mood of a room. For example, choose the pastel colors for a baby’s room, the bright butterflies to create a fun space for a child or nurture a young adult’s interest in science by choosing the natural colored set. And for the adult, wishing to add a bit of whimsy to his or her life, we suggest decorating with our beautiful, blue or black set of butterflies – of course there is nothing wrong in letting the child in you choose a more vibrant set. These butterflies are unique, fun, and whimsical; whichever one you choose, you are bound to be taken by their simplicity and beauty.

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The nine faux butterflies are each approximately 5.5 inches wide and are made of feathers painted with non-toxic acrylic paints. Butterflies are attached to a Styrofoam body and hung on a 5-6 foot line with a crystal weight at bottom. One, Emerald Red Hanging Butterfly Strand.