Book Boxes- Girl with Pearl Box, Vermeer


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If you can’t make it to the Netherlands to see this famous Vermeer painting, perhaps this book box will do the trick. The Girl with the Pearl Earring is regarded as Johannes Vermeer’s masterpiece, some call it the “Dutch Mona Lisa”. The girl in this painting is thought to be Vermeer’s daughter Maria, who was about thirteen years old when this canvas painting was created. Vermeer was able to create art that was thought-provoking, his focus only on the moment itself, and leaving the story up to the interpretation of the viewer. Discover for yourself the secrets behind the Girl with Pearl Earring with your brand new book box!

Large, solid Book Boxes with ornate designs on faux leather are rich decorative pieces useful for storing small articles inside their covers. Book boxes can be used throughout the home or office to store your small treasures or organize clutter. Place them on a bookshelf, credenza, or side table, with your items inside and fool those pesky jewel thieves! Book Boxes make classic presents for a man or a woman. Request FREE Gift Wrapping during order check out.

Product Features:
•Magnetic Locking Mechanism
•Faux Vintage Leather Cover Over Wood Boxes.
•Made Using Traditional Book Making Techniques
•Exterior Measurements: 10.50 x 8 x 2.5 inches

Book boxes are made of wood resin and covered with animal friendly, faux leather. Boxes are 10.5 by 8 by 2.5 inches and lined with auburn felt. Book covers are given an antique finish and detailed design.

One Book Box, Girl With A Pearl Earring.