Women’s hats – Faux Fur Hat, black and white


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The fully lined, Russia style faux fur hat for women is warm, soft and attractive. Pair this fun hat with an alpaca scarf from our Women’s Scarves section, and you can be sure that you stay warm this winter.  If giving Women’s Hats as a gift, request free gift wrapping during your checkout.

The origin of hats is, as with so many other things, lost to the mists of time. The earliest hat known to archaeologists and historians was found on the head of Ötzi, the Ice Man (it was a lot like this one, actually, though made of bear fur), who died approximately 5600 years ago, and it was hardly a new invention even then. Hats have been invented and reinvented for as long as people have needed to display status or protect themselves from the elements. The first people to wear hats probably weren’t even Homo sapiens – think about that!

Every time you don a cap or a cloche, a bonnet or a beret, a tuque or a turban, fedora or a fez, a kufi, or a kippah, or a keffiyah… You are engaging in an age-old display of fashion and culture that is universal across all of humanity.

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One Women’s Russian Style Hat, made of faux fur and fleece lined, black and white.