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Fair Trade Happy Elephant Christmas Ornament


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With his ribbon bedecked tail and a stream of water flowing from his trunk, the Fair Trade Happy Elephant Christmas Ornament will make the perfect gift for elephant and animal lovers in your life.  Made through fair trade practices in Thailand this ornament is great too because the artisans make a living wage and no child labor is used.

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Product Detail:
•Format: Ornament
•Materials Metal: A combination of nickel, copper, and brass. There is no lead or any other harmful substance in the metals; all metal pieces are designed to be safe as possible, with a minimum of sharp corners and edges. Only lead free solder is used.
•Materials Bead: We use different styles, colors, and sizes of beads. The beads are always well attached to our products so that they do not fall off, but you should still take care with young children.
•Measurements: 5.5 inches including hanger
•Seasonality: Christmas & Every Day
•Hanger style: hook

Approximately 5.5 inches tall with hanger, Fair Trade Roller Coaster Christmas Ornament is made of mixed metals and beads. Sizes and colors vary slightly as fair trade Ornaments are hand crafted in Thailand. Support your values and fine taste with one Fair Trade Happy Elephant Christmas Ornament.