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Fair Trade Ornaments – Christmas Tree


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For thousands of years the evergreen fir tree has been used in both pagan and Christian winter celebrations.  The origin of the Christmas tree we think dates back about 1000 years to Northern Europe where, using chains, the trees were hung upside down from ceilings.  It was 1510 in the town of Riga in Latvia that the very first ‘Christmas Tree’, became a part of the holiday celebration.  The ceremony was attended only by men and afterwards the tree was burned perhaps in the same tradition as a Yule Log.  In 1584, again in Riga, the Tree is located in the town square and men and women sang and danced about the tree before setting it alight.

From Latvia the tradition of using a tree for celebration moved to Germany where the tree was brought inside during the 16th century.  There are numerous stories about how the Christmas tree came to be indoors and a central part of the holiday, all taking place in Germany.  The story that caught our imagination tells of a family discovering a poor boy outside of their door in the snow and in need of help.  They welcome him inside and care for him throughout the night.  In the morning, Christmas morning, the family wakes to angels singing and they discover that the boy has turned into Jesus, the Christ child.  The child goes into the garden, breaks off a fir bough and presents it to the family as a present.  Ever since then, people remember that night by bringing a Christmas tree into their homes.

Today, we delight in the beauty of the tree and cover it in wonderful ornaments and lights.  The Christmas Tree Ornament is made through fair trade practices in Thailand; the artisans make a living wage, work under good conditions, and no child labor is used. This ornaments supports the artisans families as well as your values.

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Product Detail:
•Format: Ornament
•Materials Metal: A combination of nickel, copper, and brass. There is no lead or any other harmful substance in the metals; all metal pieces are designed to be safe as possible, with a minimum of sharp corners and edges. Only lead free solder is used.
•Materials Bead: We use different styles, colors, and sizes of beads. The beads are always well attached to our products so that they do not fall off, but you should still take care with young children.
•Measurements: approximately 7.0″ long.
•Seasonality: Christmas & Every Day
•Hanger style: hook

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Approximately 7.0″x3″. Sizes and colors vary slightly as Christmas Ornaments are hand made and composed of nickel, copper, & brass with bead accents. Only lead free solder,(a low-melting alloy) is used in their making, and no dangerous chemicals are used in the production process. .

One Fair Trade Christmas Ornament, tree.