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Elephant Accent Pillow Embellishment


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The Elephant Accent Pillow Embellishment is just what your home may need.  The fine and detailed hand-work on this gentle beast’s face creates a sensational portrait your guest and you will enjoy day after day. The blues with a little brown both contrasts and compliments and this is especially apparent in the decorative rows of dots across the elephant’s massive blue trunk.

Unsure of whether or not our blue elephant is from African or India we checked with live science and discovered that we have an African elephant. The facts:

“African elephants have large ears, shaped much like the continent of Africa itself. The larger surface area of their ears helps to keep African elephants cool in the blazing African sun. Asian elephants have less to worry about heat-wise, as they tend to live in cool jungle areas, so their ears are smaller.
Asian and African elephants have very distinct head shapes. African elephants have fuller, more rounded heads, and the top of their head is a single dome. Asian elephants have a twin domed head with an indent in the middle.”

Topanien Global Gifts features beauty and supports hand work world wide.  We are dedicated to engaging talents of artisans and adapting to our environment needs as well as pursing and preserving traditions and cultures in different parts of our planet. This African Elephant is a spectacular example of Indian craft using an African design and model and adding what appears to be Indian decorative bead work through embroidery.  Bring this unique pillow with hand-work from artisans of India to your corner of the world.

If giving to a friend, request free gift wrapping during your check out.  This is a pretty large piece and we may only wrap it with colorful ribbon and attach a small card. Be sure to give us your message.

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The 20 inch Accent Pillow is 100% cotton with a poly pillow insert included.  Easy to use zipper closure and solid back. Dry clean only.

One Elephant Accent Pillow Embellishment.