Day of the Dead Virgin of Guadalupe Shadow Box Blue, small


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The Day of the Dead is celebrated throughout Mexico annually in late October or early November to coincide with the Catholic holiday of All Saints Day.  Family and friends gather to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, and help support their spiritual journey. People enjoy this public holiday with building private alters, visiting graves and honoring the deceased with sugar skulls, flowers, favorite foods and special Day of the Dead Decorations such as the Day of the Dead Virgin of Guadalupe Shadow Box, blue.

The Virgin of Guadalupe is not only an important part of celebrations in Mexico but she has become a national symbol. Her story according to ‘Teaching from a Hispanic Perspective‘ >>>
“The key figure in acceptance of the Catholic religion by the indigenous peoples of Mexico was the Virgin of Guadalupe, whose story goes back to 1531, just twelve years after Hernan Cortes first set foot on Mexican soil. On December 12, 1531, as the story goes, a poor Indian named Juan Diego was walking along in a desolate area north of Mexico City, seeking water for his uncle. Suddenly, on a hillside, he saw a vision of a beautiful woman, who directed him to a spring of fresh, cool water. A few days later, in the same spot, the vision appeared again to Juan Diego. This time, she instructed him to go to Mexico City to tell the high church officials to build a church in her name on that site. Of course, the ecclesiastical officials did not believe the poor Indian. Why would the Virgin Mary appear to someone so lowly? They asked for proof. When Juan Diego returned to the hillside and the Virgin appeared again, he asked her for a sign. Suddenly he saw some beautiful red roses, even though roses do not normally bloom in that area in December. He gathered them into his rough Indian tilma (blanket) and took them to Mexico City. When he opened his tilma for the high church officials, they fell to their knees in veneration and amazement. There, imprinted on the humble Indian blanket of Juan Diego, was the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, exactly as Juan Diego had seen her. It is said that the image is so perfect in detail that one sees in the pupil of the Virgin’s eye the image of Juan Diego.”

The most popular Day of the Dead icons are skulls and skeletons, which pop up everywhere in the days and weeks leading up to the Day of the Dead celebration.  These images are seen over and over in Day of the Dead folk art from Mexico such as the many hand-painted ceramics and shadow boxes from Topanien Global Gifts.  The Day of the Dead Virgin of Guadalupe Shadow Box is an elaborate Day of the Dead alter in miniature.

Enjoy this special miniature Day of the Dead Alter in your home year round or present it to a friend who appreciates the significance of the Day and the Virgin of Guadalupe.

If giving a Mexican Day of the Dead Virgin of Guadalupe Shadow Box to a friend, be sure to request free gift wrapping during your check out.

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The shadow  box is made of wood and glass, hand painted and finished in Taxco, Mexico. Expect slight imperfections as the piece is hand-crafted.  Approximately 3 by 1.5 by 2 inches. One fairly traded, Day of the Dead Virgin of Guadalupe Shadow Box Blue, small.