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Day of the Dead Decorative Cat Tile


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The Day of the Dead Decorative Cat Tile is art at its finest.  The intense Day of the Dead Cat is decorated in red and pink flower finery and set against an aqua blue background giving us a lovely convergence of different cultures and art forms.  Cat lovers, Day of the Dead aficionados and those of us who appreciate the original and quirky will certainly light up when we behold this fine ceramic wall or table art.  If sending Decorative Tiles to a friend,  Request FREE Gift Wrapping during your check out.

Product Features
1. Hang on the wall or display using the built-in easel
2. Backing is removable enabling the tile to be installed as a standard tile
3. Tile can also be used as a decorative hot plate

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This eight inch ceramic art hand-painted tile will make a lovely decoration for any room: business office, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, children’s room, living room, museum, and gallery. The tile can be immediately hung on the wall or displayed on a table using the built-in easel on the back. It can also be installed into a tile wall as an actual ceramic tile by easily removing the backing. Soak the tile for 2-3 hours in water and the backing will loosen. Then you can permanently affix the tile like any ceramic tile.

The tile has two dimensional contour lines that are hard to see by the picture image alone. The actual art tile has elevated outlines that you can feel, almost like reliefs. The hand painted ceramic is unique in its glazed shiny finish. It will sparkle as it reflects any lighting through the transparent glass-like glaze which is unseen in photo copies or pictures. It is very classy, elegant and luxurious and will brighten up any room or office.

One 8 inch, Day of the Dead Decorative Cat Tile.