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Chinese Whale Dish


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“In ancient China it was believed that a mythical creature by the name of Yu-kiang ruled the ocean.  This creature was often described as a large fish (whale) that was several thousand feet long and had human hands and feet.  When Yu-kiang became angered it would turn into a giant bird and cause terrible wind storms in the ocean. ” Words from The Chinese Whale Dish is a clever, attractive plate and decorative piece perfect as a gift for a man or a women.

Whale Facts goes on to tell us, “Over the course of history whales have played many roles in the perspectives of varying cultures and societies.  Stories of whales destroying ships and swallowing humans can often be heard in many folklores tales. While others believe that whales are gods, deities and divine spirits that bring peace, luck and harmony to their tribes and the world. In mythology whales have been revered as Gods and feared as demons depending on the myths that span across the many different cultures throughout the world.”  Many myths surround the whale but one thing we can all agree on, the whale is a magnificent creature and this ceramic whale plate is a clever dish reminding us to appreciate the marvelous whale.

The nature of Asian culture is ornate, delicate and beautiful. Asian dishes reflect those characteristics in fine detail, careful craftsmanship and unique design. Each piece combines the most important aspects from Asian dining, including plates, soup bowls, tea cups, sauce dishes, containers and more. With the use of these in your home, you can bring an artistic and unique atmosphere to the tabletop and home decor.

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One, ceramic, Chinese Whale Dish, approximately 8 by 6 by .5 inches. Expect slight variations in color and design.