Chinese Travel Mug – Panda Pink, Hello Coffee Cup


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Perfect for tea or coffee, the Chinese Travel Mug is a great travel container with leak proof silicone lid and easy sipping aperture.  Swivel Panda head on top of lid adds a friendly, personal touch to your drink of choice. A mug is no longer just for holding a tepid cup of coffee. Today our coffee mugs and tea cups make a statement all their own. The Chinese Travel Mug – Panda Pink is a positive force ready to hold your drink and express your style. Go with it and enjoy.

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Panda Mug is 5 inches tall and holds approximately 14 ounces of liquid.  Dishwasher and microwave safe. One heavy ceramic, Pink Panda Hello Coffee Mug with flexible silicone lid for easy closure. and sipping aperture for drinking safely while on the go.