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Chinese Teacups – Multi-colored Dragons


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Tea cups, or tea bowls, as they are sometimes called, were the original form of teaware; for thousands of years before the invention of the tea pot, tea was brewed in individual servings, in single cups. This tradition is carried on today all across the world, and indeed is the favoured mode of tea-drinking everywhere from China, where it all got started, to places as diverse as Japan, England, India, and the USA!

There is nothing easier or more comforting than a single cup of tea, brewed just for you, in your very own cup.

The five-taloned dragon is an ancient symbol of Imperial power; in fact, only the Emperor himself was allowed to wear it, or use it on any of his accoutrements. Those days are over now, and everyone can enjoy the dragon on anything they like, including Chinese tea cups.

The different colours give each dragon a unique character.

Fiery Dragons on white porcelain is a very lively scene sure to keep your tea hot. Chinese Tea Cup includes a strainer and lid. Have a Tea Cup sent to a friend and request FREE Gift Wrapping during check out.

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Chinese Teacup holds 10 oz. of liquid, is lead free, and microwave safe. Request FREE Gift Wrapping during order process. One 6 by 4.5 inch, Chinese Tea Cup Set includes mug, lid, and matching porcelain strainer. Fiery Dragons on White.