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Chinese Owl Mug, black


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The ceramic Chinese Owl Mug will warm our heart as well as our body when filled with your favorite coffee or tea. It also may give us cause to slow down and let our minds rest and rejuvenate while we enjoy our warm drink.

Owls have been associated with magic, wisdom and heightened senses throughout history from ancient Greece to Asia. In Central Asia feathers of the Northern Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo), particularly from its breast and belly, were valued as precious amulets protecting children and livestock from evil spirits.

The nature of Asian culture is ornate, delicate and beautiful. Asian dishes reflect those characteristics in fine detail, careful craftsmanship and unique design. Enjoy the Owl Mug in your home and bring an artistic and unique atmosphere to what would otherwise be ordinary.

A staple in almost every country is the warm coffee and or tea greeting us as we attempt to wake and greet the day. This starter is your first impression of the day to come and therefore, should be presented with the spirit of happiness and possible even, fun. Serve guest their first cup of morning coffee or tea with a sweet Chinese Owl Mug. Better prepare one for yourself too.

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Ceramic black Chinese Owl Mug is approximately 4 tall by 3.75 wide and 5.5 inches across including the handle. This is a sweet mug with a comfortable side handle and excellent little rim from which to sip. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Expect slight variations in color.

One, ceramic, Chinese Owl Mug, black.