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Chinese Mani Lucky Cat Cup, red


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The Mani Lucky Cats bring happiness and prosperity to their owner. The cup depicts a cat with a straight leg that is at the beck and call. These can be found throughout Asia: in homes, businesses and restaurants. Mani is the lucky cat and its luck is defined by its colors:

White Cat: purity, happiness
Black Cat: safety, wards off evil and stalkers
Golden Cat: wealth and prosperity
Red Cat: protection from evil & illness (especially illness in children)
Pink Cat (a more modern color): love, relationships and romance
Green Cat (also a modern color): educations/studies

While the Beckoning Mani Cat originated in Japan, it has become popular in China as well.  Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement.  As a feng shui symbol, the ‘cat’ is a less traditional symbol but offers thoroughly wonderful feng shui because of its delightful charming qualities. Today feng shui that encompasses both traditional and modern symbols and methods is an effective way to create the kind of energy you want in your home, business, and life. In feng shui, it’s vital that you like and enjoy something. When you mind resonates with feng shui symbolism it’s more potent and effective for you – and what’s not to love about the lucky Mani Cat?

We hope that Mani cat gives happiness to you and your friends with everything in life.

  • Your favorite Mani Lucky Cat character in a mug!
  • fine bone china
  • 4″ high mug
  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe

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One, 4 inches tall by 3 inches wide, bone china, Chinese Mani Lucky Cat Cup, red.