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Chinese Ceramic Sly Fox Coffee Cup


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The Chinese Ceramic Sly Fox Coffee Cup is an attractive cup for enjoying your early morning brew or, order a few and pull them out to share with guests. They make great little conversation starters.  Overwhelmingly, different cultures agree that fox animal symbolism deals with themes like… cunning, strategy, quick-thinking, adaptability, cleverness, wisdom.

“It is noteworthy to observe the fox while it is on the hunt. We see its entire body is pointed like an arrow – straight and tightly aimed. This is a symbolic message for us to set a determined, and powerfully focused mindset in order to “hit the target” of our desires.” –

We learn from Wikipedia, “In Chinese mythology, it is believed that all things are capable of acquiring human forms, magical powers, and immortality, provided that they receive sufficient energy, in such forms as human breath or essence from the moon and the sun.”

The fox spirits encountered in Asian tales and legends are usually females and appear as young, beautiful women.

The nature of Asian culture is ornate, delicate and beautiful. Asian dishes reflect those characteristics in fine detail, careful craftsmanship and unique design. Each piece combines the most important aspects from Asian dining, including plates, soup bowls, tea cups, sauce dishes, containers and more. With the use of these in your home, you can bring an artistic and unique atmosphere to the tabletop and home decor.

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One, Chinese Ceramic Sly Fox Coffee Cup, approximately 4.5 by 3 inches and by 5.5 when you include handle. Expect slight variations in color and design. Food safe.