Chinese Blue Owl Tea Set


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Believe it or not, although the tradition of tea-drinking is almost as old as China itself, people have only been using pots to brew and drink tea for around five-hundred years. The Chinese teapot was the first on the scene, starting with the tiny yixing pots, which are good for one or two cups of tea, for one person only. From there, teapots have grown in sizes and styles, giving us the many shapes and sizes that modern tea-drinkers have to choose from today. The Blue Owl Tea Set gives the traditional tea service a new and much more playful angle.

The gentle round shape of the cylindrical teapot is the second-oldest style, created to allow for a slightly higher tea capacity, and ideal for using at a small tea party, or other gathering of friends. Like the rounded teapots, the first cylindrical Chinese teapot was probably made from the legendary yixing clay.

This Chinese tea set is decorated with a serious little blue owl with wide and bright eyes and settled comfortably onto a very small branch. The owl is loved by not only the Chinese people but is quite revered world-wide. Savor this Chinese Tea Set as you serve and enjoy warm, aromatic teas. If giving as a gift, request free gift wrapping during your check out.

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Ceramic Chinese Teapot measures approximately 4.5 tall without handle, 7 tall with handle, 4×5.5 and cups are 2.5×2.5 and one stainless steel strainer that fits snuggly into pot and is ready to use for steeping tea. Colors may vary slightly. One, ceramic, Blue Owl Tea Set with pot, 4 cups, one stainless steel strainer and removable bamboo handle.