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Celtic Knot Puzzle Box


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Hand crafted, Celtic Knot Puzzle Box makes a lovely gift for a loved one and the perfect place to store keepsakes. In viewing this beautiful knot, we cannot see no a beginning or end. This helps remind us of the timeless nature of our spirit. This strong, finely crafted, small wooden puzzle box is pure, simple and beautiful with secure secret lock mechanism.

The prime finish of the interior compartments assures the proper aura for memorabilia, treasures and jewelry safely stored in fragrant decorative boxes. Boxes are Fairly Traded and each one is an expression of the artists’ creativity. Our Boxes combine local Polish traditions with a global vision. The art of crafting and carving wooden boxes, a rare skill of folks living in the Tatra Mountains of Poland, was adopted to evoke the symbols, icons and styles of the multi-ethnic and cross-cultural communities of the industrialized world. The Celtic Knot Puzzle Box is a remarkable expression of Polish craftsmanship and a precious piece to be passed through the family for generations.

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*The secret: twist both front legs towards the center of the box until lid opens. (See photo insert.)

Natural. 4.75″ square x 3″ tall (sizes are approximations as boxes are hand crafted) One box, Fair Trade, Celtic Knot Puzzle Box with secret lock.