Chinese Tea Cups – Blue Floral Teacup


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There is nothing easier or more comforting than a single cup of tea, brewed just for you, in your very own cup.

In the beginning, tea cups had no handles (that’s why they are also called tea bowls!), and that’s still the way it is for the most part, in China and Japan. They say that it is so that you know when the tea is cool enough to drink: If the cup doesn’t burn your fingers, the tea won’t burn your mouth! But in Europe, they liked to drink their tea much, much hotter; hot enough to stir in sugar, and cooled with a splash of milk, and so it was in Germany that the first tea cup with a handle was created.

Since then, the handle has spread across the world, to the rest of Europe, to the Americas, and yes, right back to where tea got started in China. Today, many Chinese tea cups made for export include a handle – just in case.

The slightly-abstracted design of the flowers on this Chinese tea cup are inspired by Persian designs, but the flowers themselves – cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums, and peach blossoms – are all classical Chinese design elements.

Breathe the aromatic scent of your tea, warm in this classic blue and white floral design tea cup. Chinese artists are presenting us with a new mix of traditional and contemporary Tea Cup designs.

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Chinese Tea Cups holds 10 oz. of liquid, is lead free and microwave safe. Request FREE Gift Wrapping during order process. One 6″ by 4.5″, Chinese Tea Cup Set includes mug, lid.

One blue and white Floral, Chinese Tea Cup.