Blue Diamonds Tea for One Teapot Set


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Clever Blue Diamonds Tea for One Teapot Set includes one large ceramic teacup upon which sits the lovely matching teapot. Ceramic Teapot, Cup and Lid stack, store and steep together for convenience and space storage. Enjoy this clever, compact design yourself and get one for a friend too.

Teapots have been used in Japan almost as long as teapots have existed. Tea and tea culture themselves originally came to Japan in the 10th century, during a massive cultural exchange between the Japanese Heian court, and the Chinese Tang Dynasty. The first Japanese Tea Pots likewise came during a similar exchange some centuries later, during the Later Muromachi Period in Japan, and the Ming Dynasty in China. Since then, though the Japanese teapot has developed a unique character of its own, the relationship between Chinese and Japanese teapots is still very strong.

Though the Teapot Set was created in China, its strong blue and orange design reminds us of traditional Scandinavian designs and how cultures cross, blend and cross again over the centuries. Enjoy the gentle garden blue design as you serve and enjoy warm, aromatic tea.

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Teapot for One is a clever, compact design perfect as a space saver, tea steeper and coffee or tea cup all in one.  Ceramic Chinese Teapot Set is approximately 6 inches wide. Microwave and dishwasher safe,

One, ceramic, Blue Diamonds Tea for One Teapot Set including Teapot and Tea Cup.