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Asian Spiritual Decorations – Thai Buddha Figurine, stone


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Thailand follows the Theravada branch of Buddhism, which translates to “The Teachings of the Elders”. In different places and cultures, depending on the local people and the branch of Buddhism they follow, the Buddha appears slightly different. There are always similarities present, of course; he is usually in a meditative pose, and dressed in simple robes, as depicted here.

In this modern multicultural age, many people draw from different traditions in their spiritual lives. Using some beautiful Asian spiritual decorations can help to enhance and expand your own spirituality, to enhance and expand the beauty of your home and garden, or both at once.

The Thai Buddha is serene in his meditative pose. You could place him on a home shrine, or just on the mantle, and always be reminded to stay mindful. Present this special Buddha figurine to a friend and request Free Gift Wrapping during check out

Product Features

  • measurements: 13″ tall, by 8″ wide, with a depth of 5″.
  • materials: compressed volcanic ash.
  • use: indoor/outdoor, all seasons.
  • color: weathered grey-brown.

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One approximately 13”x8”x5” ceramic Thai Buddha Figurine, in compressed volcanic ash.