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Asian Spiritual Decoration – Chinese Dragon Gong, mini


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The Chinese Dragon Gong is one of the more striking pieces in our Asian Spiritual Decoration collection. Based on the bronze bells that hang in Buddhist temples throughout East Asia, but especially on the elaborate pieces that hang in China, Korea, and Japan, the shape and sound of this little beauty are descended from the ancient zhong from the Shang Dynasty in China.

These bells and gongs range in size from very small, to unbelievably immense, topping out with the Chion-in bell in Kyoto, Japan.

Traditionally, dramatic gongs were placed within temples and palaces. The original gongs used bronze bells; our replicas are antiqued brass. This historical reproduction creates a pleasant harmony when rung with the small hammer or Buddha (assorted). All are decorated with the dragon on front and back of gong and another dragon arched up and holding the small gong from his jaws.

Place this enchanting gong in an accessible location where you might strike it as you pass calling yourself back to the moment in order to create a space of mindfulness throughout your day.

Product Features

  • materials: Coated brass.
  • use: Indoors.

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One approximately 4.75 by 4 inches, metal, Dragon Gong, free standing, gift boxed.