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Angel Bell Ornaments – Love Birds


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Love Birds: “A pair of people who have a shared love for each other.” –  And, “Lovebirds are small parrots that are very fond of their mate. They get their name from the strong affection they show for their partner, often sitting next to them for lengthy periods of time.”

Fair Trade, silver plated Angel Bell Ornaments include the Love Birds in this silver plated, bell line.  The Love Birds are made of a non-precious metal alloy made up of copper, zinc and nickel.  Then, they are silver plated giving them a bright, light catching patina.  This striking Bell Ornament is made by a  small family business in Taxco, Mexico.  Topanien Global Gifts owner, Nadine, discovered the Love Birds Bell and met the family of artisans at the local Tianguis Silver Market held every Saturday in Taxco.  Each Bell is given a distinct design and there are many choices.  Create your own collection of Silver Plated Angel Bells blowing a horn, reading, singing or consider a Love Birds Bell.

If sending Angel Bell Ornaments to your friends, request free gift wrapping during your check out.  The Love Birds is perfect for wedding and anniversaries.  Don’t hesitate to include a message for us to send along with your gift.

One Bell Ornament, the Love Birds, approximately 4.5 by 2.25 inches.