African Soapstone Touch of Love Sculpture


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Kisii stone is a soft, metamorphic stone found in large deposits in Kenya’s highlands. Gusii artisans are renowned for transforming the stone into beautiful sculpture. Our Touch of Love sculpture celebrates romantic love through the imagery of two figures holding hands to create one heart. The stone is dyed a deep red to symbolize passion.

Enjoy the powerful African Soapstone Touch of Love Sculpture of western Kenya.  The kisii stone is known widely as soapstone because of its smooth, soapy texture.  The colorful non-toxic dyed finish is later added by the Gusii artisans.   African Soapstone Sculptures are made through Fair Trade practices. This means that the artisans make a living wage, work under humane conditions and do not harm the environment during the creation of their sculptures.

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Sculpture sizes, color and designs will vary slightly giving each piece its’ own distinct look.   Piece is approximately 8 by 2.5 by 3 inches.  One African Soapstone Touch of Love Sculpture, red.