African Soapstone Sculptures – Geo Design Heart, blue


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Hand-carved from soapstone in Western Kenya, these richly hued sculptures feature symbolic line drawings against a smooth body. Each heart is shaped, carved, and coloured with care. Because they are small enough to fit neatly into the palm of your hand, these little soapstone hearts are perfect as wedding or party favours.

ARTIST INFO: At the Ndima Crafts’ finishing shop in Nairobi’s industrial district, roughly a dozen artisans of varied ethnicity bring raw soapstone to life by using non-toxic synthetic dyes under the leadership of Charles Ndibe. Charles’ exacting standards of quality and friendly demeanor make him one of Swahili Modern’s most reliable vendors.

The African Soapstone Sculptures are all Fair Trade items. This means that the artisans make a living wage, work under humane conditions and do not harm the environment. You also support the African artisan’s creativity and create a positive a positive exchange between our diverse cultures.

Sculptures are hand made and hand dyed soapstone. Appreciate the uniqueness of each sculpture due to the variations in color and size. Each sculpture is dyed with food-safe dyes and is one-of-kind.

Designs will vary slightly. Fair trade. One, approximately 3″L x 3″W x 1″T, Geo Design Heart, blue.