Malian artisans call upon traditional mudcloth techniques to apply a modern colorful stripe print design to this stylish decorative pillow. Bogolanfini or “mud cloth” is a handmade cotton fabric that was originally dyed with fermented mud. Traditionally, the men would weave the cloth, and the women would dye it. After the cloth has been weaved, it is placed into a mixture of boiled and mashed, or soaked leaves from the n’gallama tree, which is a native evergreen tree to the savannahs. The cloth, which is now a yellowish color, is then sun dried, and ready to be dyed with the designs.  African Pillows are bold decorative essentials that can set the theme of a room in your home.

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Sold singly. Pillow insert included. Each pillow is handmade with cotton mudcloth fabric, thread, non-toxic dyes and buttons. One Malian Mudcloth Charcoal Stripe, 20″ African Pillow.