African Baskets – Bolga Basket Ocean Deep


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The beautiful hand-woven African Baskets are all natural, made from the local ‘elephant grass’ and natural dyes. The women weave the baskets while the men tan the goat hides and work the leather onto the handles. They are made in the historic village of Bolgatanga, Ghana, Africa.  African Baskets – Bolga Basket Ocean Deep has a been woven almost entirely of green and blue dyed grasses with only a small amount of natural showing for some pleasant contrast.

The artisans are mainly farm families who supplement their income by making and selling baskets. The leather covered handle and the tight weave of the African Basket adds to it’s strength. Artisans work under fair trade practices receiving a fair wage and working under humane conditions. The Fair Trade African Basket is perfect for carrying wood for the fireplace, library books, kids toys or farmer’s market produce.

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*Shaping Baskets: Wet baskets with lukewarm water, shape, turn upside down to dry. They will look perfect every time.

The specialized weaving process makes these baskets strong and flexible. Occasionally wet the baskets to re-hydrate the fibers making the basket stronger and lengthening the life of it.  Fair trade bolga baskets are hand made and so sizes vary slightly.  Approximately 15 inches in diameter at top of basket. This baskets is sold individually and if you order it you will receive this exact basket (pictured). One available. One fairly traded African Baskets – Bolga Basket Ocean Deep in bold, vibrant colors, as pictured.