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On The Road Again

Travel to distant lands… Or invite distant lands to travel to you at Topanien Global Gifts! The open road calls so we link hands and go. We are on the road again. Inspirational Banners – Gandhi, Jimi Hendrix, Thich Nhat Hanh…With the proverbial spring in our step, and song in our heart, we’ll smile all […]

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Magical Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Be creative for Mother’s Day: colorful strands of hanging butterflies, flowers preserved forever in sterling silver jewelry, and art hearts full of love.  Say Happy Mother’s Day to all the women who mean the world to you! Make them smile. And check out Mezcal First Friday Event info below!   –smile. -Nadine, owner & […]

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Napping with Van Gogh

Napping with Van Gogh Spring is here so head out to the garden hammock or move to the sofa on the porch.  Bring your Miro and Van Gogh Pillows and enjoy a warm afternoon nap. Lay your sleepy head down and enjoy visions of lovely dreamscapes  inspired by the vibrant colors of Contemporary Throw Pillows.  […]

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Gathering Spring & April First Friday

Move the Celebration Outdoors Take advantage of a little Spring weather. Fill your fairly traded, African Basket with goodies and  head outdoors.  Don’t forget, this coming Friday is First Friday in The Village!  Join us for sweet treats, discounts, (see below) and world beat music.African Baskets – Harvest, Shopping & Traditional Bolga Baskets   –smile. -Nadine, […]

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Beckoning Spring

Fair trade, felted pencil toppers bloom year round.  Keep the kids excited for that final term of school with giraffe, penguin and tiger toppers. Give your partner a bouquet of felted flowers with a pink cat pencil topper in the center. Liven up the office with green frog pen toppers. Colors and designs are boundless.  […]

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Diversity Lives at Topanien

Appreciating Different Cultures Alebrije folk art from Oaxaca, Mexico makes us smile and appreciate creativity, imagination and traditions from our Latin-American neighbor and friend. Choose Fair Trade! Choose Diversity!      A Mexican Alebrije Peacock with Attitude!   –smile. -Nadine, owner & founder of Topanien Global Gifts   I’ve got it covered. My Valentine’s gift is […]

Snow Days at Topanien Global Gifts
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Snow Days at Topanien

Wow, what a week! Here in Portland, OR, we got a huge snowstorm – more than a foot (30cm) of snow fell practically overnight, blanketing the city in soft, cold, quiet, and no little confusion. You see, we don’t get that much snow here. Cold? Yes. Ice? Sure. Snow? Actual snow? We’re lucky to get […]

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Carnival Christmas

Experience Christmas at Topanien Global Gifts – a carnival of color and culture.  Holiday gifts and wonder abound. And, if snow, ice or distance keeps you from our door, order at Topanien online!  Orders arrive within just 2-3 days! No extra charge. We’ll get them to you by Christmas. –Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts […]

Contemporary Kandinsky Pillows, fair trade
Gift & Decor Ideas

Uh-oh, Go Easy On Me, Kandinsky!

Pillow fighting’s not the same without Kandinsky. And if anyone asks, we can say, “Kandinsky made us do it!”  Choose Kandinsky, Picasso, Miro, Klimt and Matisse Pillows Covers and smile.  –Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts Look who’s playing hide and seek now.  Artist inspired pillows are  for more than just  a place to rest […]

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Not Just Black and White

Give us color and culture.  Challenge us to help, to create, to be different. We will become a community of the diverse and the unique. Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts – supporting  fair trade, multicultural exchanges of art, gifts, accessories, home decor and ideas. U.S.A. customer in Thailand learns about remarkable Holiday Ornaments.  Artisans […]

Gift & Decor Ideas

Tantalising Temptations of Autumn

Tempted to decorate? Make your home an expression of yourself; your colors and your vision.  Shop Topanien Global Gifts. We take your guests and you on an adventure. – Oaxacan Alebrije Mexican Owl Art – –Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts Pig in a Blanket Alebrijes available at Topanien Global Gifts in Portland, OR. Red […]

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Shop Macabre In All the Colours of the Rainbow

Shop the macabre. Flowers and skulls are a must for Day of the Dead.  Complete your Halloween party with the glowing eyes of a skull.  Pick up, or order, your Mexican Day of the Dead Shadow Boxes, Skulls, Frida Kahlo Decor…  at Topanien Global Gifts. –Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts Trick-or-Treaters beware. Step with […]

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Choose the WILD SIDE~!

Yesterday is history – Tomorrow is a mystery – Today is a Gift Grab life and go. Choose Culture, Color and Smiles at Topanien Global Gifts:  Inspirational Banners, Fair Trade African Candles, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Picasso, Miro and Kandinsky Throw Pillows. –Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts  LOVE Love is our true destiny. We do […]

Fair Trade Cat Throw Pillows
Gift & Decor Ideas

Cats, Hats, and Look-At-Thats!

Gather nine kitties into your arms and snuggle down.  Autumn begins on Thursday.  Better prepare. Hats, scarves and hugging are in order and encouraged at Topanien Global Gifts. –Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts   Alpaca Scarves for men and woman will curb the autumn chill.  Order one for a friend and warm their heart […]

Inspirational Banners
Gift & Decor Ideas

It’s Not Over Yet – Summer’s Still Here!

Gather the fruits of Summer.  The sun still shines and a gentle breeze is blowing. Grab your African Baskets for Farmers’ Markets, picnics or an afternoon on the river.  The days continue warm and beckoning. –Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts Mini African Bolga Baskets made through Fair Trade in Ghana, Africa. African Baskets – […]

Oaxacan Alebrijes - Aztec Lion
Gift & Decor Ideas

Sidewalk Sale Preview: Alebrijes Madness!

We are kicking off the Multnomah Days Celebration with a 3 day Alebrijes Online Sale! Take 24% off all Oaxacan Alebrijes with coupon code: alebrijes24%off. And, for those living in the Portland area, head over to Multnomah Village early this Saturday for our annual Multnomah Days Celebration and Sidewalk Sale! –Nadine, owner of Topanien Global […]

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Smile Together!

  Friendships, Cooperation, Solidarity! Exercise, a good nights sleep and healthy eating all contribute to our happy faces.  And, a Contemporary Miro Pillow, Tibetan Singing Bowl or Hummingbird Wind Chime from India will make us smile even broader.  Visit Topanien Global Gifts, online or in person!  Smile today! – Nadine, owner Shop Asian Spiritual Decor […]

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Wings of Change

Transform yourself at Topanien Global Gifts.  We are flying with butterflies, supporting artisans all over the world through fair trade and we are smiling! –Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts “The most precious gift we can offer others is our   presence. When mindfulness embraces those we   love, they will bloom like flowers.”   […]

Wool Cat Cave Brown & Green - $79.99
Gift & Decor Ideas

Finds for Furry Friends and More!

Adopting a new family member? Carry him home in fair trade style; a petal cat basket from Nepal!  Natural wool Cat Caves, Pet Baskets and Mats for dogs, cats and humans now at Topanien Global Gifts. –Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts Wool Kazakh Bedside Rug & Pet Mat Oscar was outside our door crying.   […]

Haitian Metal Art - Fair Trade
Artisan Updates

Haitian Artisans & Haitian Metal Art

THE LEGACY OF HAITIAN METAL ART In the 1950’s, DeWitt Peters, a patron of Haitian arts, was intrigued by the iron crosses marking many of the above ground tombs. Peters discovered the blacksmith who had fashioned the crosses, soon to be renowned Haitian artist Georges Liautaud….and so began Haitian metal art. The original raw material […]

Sterling Silver Mexican Pendant & Earring Set - $75.99
Gift & Decor Ideas

Stoked for Stones!

Adorn yourself with stones from Topanien Global Gifts. We work directly with the artisans of Taxco, Mexico and are excited to share our top jewelry choices with you. Wear bold Earring and Pendant Sets to both energize and strengthen yourself every day. –Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts   Big, bold and adventurous handmade silver and […]

Miro Pillows & Picasso, Kandinsky, Klimt
Gift & Decor Ideas

Art Attack!

  Choose from the greats: Picasso, Matisse, Kandinsky, and Miro.  We even have Klimt, Van Gogh and  Hundertwasser too!  Dad will love these exciting Contemporary Throw Pillows. Join us at Topanien Global Gifts on First Friday (event info below). –Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts Contemporary Wall Hangings * Contemporary Throw Pillows There is no […]

Salt Lamp & Cat
Events & Activism

June Shines for First Friday

June 3 is First Friday in The Village. We will have deals for dad’s and everyone. MUSIC * FUN * NEIGHBORS & NEW at Topanien Global Gifts: Kelly Rae Art Decor, Day of the Dead Shadow Boxes, Ceramic Japanese Cat Dishes <<< and have you seen our new line of Hemp Bags.  Join TOPANIEN GLOBAL […]

Gift & Decor Ideas

Skull Dancing and Decor

Skull dancing and decorating. I get excited when I shop for my place.  Hand-painted, fair trade Mexican Skulls have got me moving. Topanien Global Gifts celebrates the Day of the Dead every day with spectacular Mexican folk art. –Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts Explore a world of color and culture.  Liven up your home […]

Cat Complications Accent Pillow - $65.99
Gift & Decor Ideas

Living in Color

Have fun and break from those big box stores with Topanien Global Gifts where we make everyone in your home smile!   Choose color and culture to enhance your rooms.  Coconut Masks, Fish and Mermaids from Mexico are bright, attractive and easy to display. –Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts   Mexican Coconut Princess Masks This […]

Whooping it up in the Village
Events & Activism

May in Multnomah at Topanien

Are you ready for this? NEW at Topanien: Our Monthly Featured Product! For the month of May, our featured products are the ever-keen Himalayan Salt Lamps~! “Okay,” you say to yourself. “That’s cool and all, but what does it mean?” Simple! Just join our exclusive Customer List, and get 10% off the featured product! Just […]

Gift & Decor Ideas

Safari in Mexico

  A safari in Mexico is about animals, art and design. You may see the allusive Lion in his natural habitat or maybe, in a ‘not so natural’ place.  No trip planned? Visit Topanien Global Gifts for Fair Trade Alebrije Art. Prices range from $19.99 to over $1000 depending on the artist and the quality of […]

Gift & Decor Ideas - Inspirational Banners
Gift & Decor Ideas

Spring into Inspiration!

Taking a ride with my baby and Topanien Global Gifts. Real Flower Earrings, Picasso & Kandinsky Throw Pillows, a last minute gift shipped to my sister and fair trade too! Shop Topanien and smile! –Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts   Double Square Real Flower Earrings Real Flower Earrings Carefully crafted by talented artisans Alicia […]

Hemp Cross Body Bag Flower Petal - $65.99
Gift & Decor Ideas

Have Hemp, Will Travel

  “Have Hemp Backpack. Will Travel.” – Topanien Global Gifts customers.  Hemp has been a reliable textile used throughout the world for centuries.  It is easy to grow, gentle on our planet and durable. Choose between Nepalese and Guatemalan Hemp Bags, Purses, Backpacks and Hemp Wallets. –Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts   (Not what you […]

Haitian Metal Art - Fair Trade
Gift & Decor Ideas

Soaring With Friends

Friendship, freedom, love, laughter and a whimsical imagination – all of these things and more can be expressed with a gift of beautiful Hatian metal wall art.  Smile and support one another with traditional symbols rendered in modern materials. Flock of Birds sends us soaring!  Haitian Metal Art –Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts    […]

Picasso Pillow & Picasso Wall Hanging - Miro, Kandinsky...
Gift & Decor Ideas

Picasso on the Run

  Rushing home with flowers, and a Picasso Kiss Pillow – Picasso and other Artist Pillows area a great way to add a little class and culture to your home and office. Explore the art, culture, and daily lives of more than a dozen different countries, with a variety of practical and decorative crafts. Shop Topanien […]

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Topanien Smile – Got It?

Smile and step into another world. Join Lucy and shop Topanien Global Gifts for some fearless fun; hand-made, fair trade, vibrant color and exotic countries of origin. Visit us and pick up your ‘Topanien Smile.’ It’s automatic.  Double CLICK on Arrow and Go!   Visit us at 7832 SW Capitol Hwy., Portland, Or in quaint […]

Topanien Updates

Hand in Hand – Arab & Israelis Together

Topanien Global Gifts was smiling as they shared information about Hand in Hand with holiday revelers and raised money for this most amazing organization, Hand in Hand. Bringing Arab and Israeli students together is just the start of things… >>>  Hand in Hand brings together thousands of Jews and Arabs in six schools and communities throughout Israel. […]

I won't give you the gift of hating you
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Paris attacks: “I won’t give you the gift of hating you” – Powerful Message for Us

Humorous or Provocative – Definitely Provocative – A battle not fought cannot be lost. The power of living with love though hatred be all around you. “If I could be so strong, so steadfast, for my children, everyone’s children, my parents and siblings and, for myself in similar situations. I am thankful to have Antoine […]

Picasso in Portland - Picasso Pillows - Topanien Global Gifts
Topanien Updates

Picasso in Portland – Picasso Pillows

At the Movies – Topanien Global Gifts: Discover a new and accessible world of art at Topanien Global Gifts. Hand-embroidered pillows in contemporary designs inspired by Picasso, Miro, Kandinsky, Klimt and Matisse with coordinating wall hangings.     Contemporary Pillow Covers and Wall Hangings in artist inspired designs provide us with culture and color in our […]

Amusement Park Ride - Humorous or Provocative - Topanien
Humorous or Provocative

German Amusement Park Ride

Humorous or Provocative“A new ride at Germany’s Phantasialand in Bruhl, North Rhine-Westphalia is being called “the scariest in the world.” It’s called Talocan, a suspended Top Spin that features upside down twists, water and fire. Similar to the design of Disneyland, Phantasialand is divided into six different “land” themes: Berlin in the 20s, Fantasy Wuze […]

Humorous or Provocative - Four Pandas & One Slide - Topanien Global Gifts
Humorous or Provocative

Four Pandas & One Slide

Humorous or Provocative Check this out and SHARE with friends. Wouldn’t any of us love to be their caregiver? (the one in blue) The Humorous or Provocative Topanien Global Gifts pages are a mix of videos that caught our attention by making us feel our emotions. We laugh, cry, think and be happy. We hope […]

Old Men Grooving - Humorous or Provocative - Topanien
Humorous or Provocative

Old Men Grooving

Humorous or Provocative “Britain is grooving with old men in warm sweaters and a dash of daring. These guys know how to have fun and encourage us share in it too. I hope you enjoy this.” -Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts The Humorous or Provocative Topanien Global Gifts pages are a mix of videos […]

Mexican Alebrijes of Oaxaca, Mexico - Topanien Global Gifts
Topanien Updates

Remarkable Colour & First Friday in the Village

Topanien Updates           Alebrijes of Oaxaca, Mexico are an explosion of color, creativity and design.  The artists build on a tradition of wood work and painting that is a celebration of the imagination.  Peacocks, cats, armadillos, octopi and unicorns come alive at Topaninen Global Gifts. –Sending you a warm smile. -Nadine, owner & founder of Topanien Global […]

Alpaca Scarves for Women & Men - Catrinas of Mexico
Topanien Updates

Mexican Décor for Oregonians

TOPANIEN UPDATES   Dear Topanien Enthusiasts, Back from shopping for Day of the Dead décor in Mexico, Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts, enjoys harvesting the last summer tomatoes. Snuggled into a colorful Autumn scarf from Peru she fills her African Fruit Basket. Order Women’s Scarves and African Baskets in assorted colors at Topaninen Global Gifts. […]

BuildOn - Topanien Global Gifts
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BuildOn – Support Our Future

Every 26 seconds in the U.S. a student drops out of school, costing taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars in incarceration, health care and welfare costs, as well as lost revenue. But, we know these students WANT to succeed. Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts, participated in the 2015 Nicaragua Trek, joining college students, BuildOn […]

Safari First Friday - Topanien Global Gifts
Events & Activism

EVENT: Safari First Friday, 10/2

Get your ticket and smile. We are going on a Safari at Topanien Global Gifts. Geo Design elephants brush shoulders with purple and turquoise rhinos. Ferocious lions move stealthily through the bush. The giraffes, you can’t miss. And, you get a discount on FIRST FRIDAY. Choose a ticket, Smile and Receive Your First Friday Safari Discount […]

Dancing in Nicaragua - Topanien Global Gifts - BuildOn
Humorous or Provocative

Dancing in Nicaragua

Traveling to Nicaragua with students to build a school through NGO BuildOn, do a cross cultural exchange and fit in some buying for Topanien Global Gifts is a dream job that Nadine, owner of Topanien says makes all the riskiness of running your own small business worthwhile. Here she films students on their final day […]

Butterfly Migration Video - Topanien Global Gifts
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Butterfly Migration Already?

Butterfly migration has begun so Maya is enjoying her final visit for the year. Monarchs are heading south. Get your Hanging Butterflies at Topanien Global Gifts and don’t worry, they are very real looking but imitation butterflies. “The annual migration of North America’s Monarch Butterfly is a unique and amazing phenomenon. The monarch is the […]

Kandinsky Pillows, Miro Pillows - Artisans of India
Artisan Updates

Picasso, Miro, Klimt & Kandinsky in India

A brilliant artistic niche is the pillow covers gallery of designs inspired by abstract artists Gustav Klimt, Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso and Joan (Juan) Miró. Baudelaire told us, “Modern art — that is, intimacy, spirituality, color, aspiration towards the infinite, expressed by every means available to the arts.” To combine the jewel-like color and aspiration towards the […]

Laurel Burch Cat Throw Pillow, yellow
Gift & Decor Ideas

Summer Colors

A dozen ways to add color to your home. Summer can feel so hot you want to wilt and often, we let our homes wilt too. Our grass has gone brown under the intense heat and the closed blinds might keep our homes a little cooler but drab isn’t good. We need color and light without too much expense and effort.

Gift & Decor Ideas - Baskets and Beyond
Gift & Decor Ideas

GIFT & DECOR IDEAS: Market and Beyond!

      The sun is bright, the days are warm, and fairs and farmers’ markets are springing up everywhere. Some people use bags or backpacks, but at Topanien Global Gifts, we like to contribute to the market atmosphere by using these wild, fair trade baskets from Ghana. Each basket is a unique work of art, handcrafted using traditional […]

Asian Print - Jewel in Summer
Events & Activism

Asian Print SALE – July First Friday

EVENT:  First Friday in The Village When:  Friday, July 3, 2015, 6 – 9:00 pm Where: Multnomah Village in SW Portland What: Sweet treats & Sweet Deal on Asian Prints Take 25% Off all Asian Prints in store & online Inspirational Asian Prints are matted, mounted beneath glass and tape-framed in 8×10 and 9×9 inches. Refreshment  *  Discounts  *  Friendly […]